iPhone 6s said to have more advanced "3D Touch" Force Touch

Now that IFA 2015 is over, we're counting down the days to the next big thing, which is Apple's grand event that is expected to unveil, among other things, the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Although we thought we already had most of the features down, thanks to innumerable leaks, there seems to be one last minute detail coming in. It seems that more than just Force Touch, the iPhone 6s and its larger sibling will have a more advanced version currently dubbed as "3D Touch".

What makes this so-called 3D Touch more advanced is that it can distinguish between three types of gestures instead of just two. Force Touch distinguishes between a tap and a press while 3D Touch is said to also distinguish a "deeper press". This new level of functionality is said to be perfect for the iPhone's larger screen. In contrast, the smaller surface area of the Apple Watch and the new MacBook touch could only comfortably accommodate two gestures.

The addition of a "third dimension" to the Force Touch technology means that more gestures can be used on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. For example, it could cut down on the number of taps to execute actions on apps like Maps or Music, using a single deep press instead of multiple taps all over the screen. It might even open the door for new type of games that exploit new gestures.

Of course, none of these will happen by magic and developers will have to integrate that into their apps. No word has yet been given regarding the API for this new 3D Touch functionality, though it is most likely to arrive in iOS 9. 3D Touch is also expected to be available on the iPad Pro, which gives this "professional" tablet even more capabilities to endear it to a probably doubtful market.

SOURCE: 9to5Mac