iPhone 6s incoming: does a millimeter matter?

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will more than likely be revealed at a press event next week held by Apple. As such, the rumor mill is in full swing – with the newest bit being about the super TINY difference in size of the newest device compared to the next-to-newest. While we'll be participating in this gushing of bits and pieces, leaks and all, it's also important – every once in a while – to sit back and let your mind melt over how important it is that the next iPhone might be a fraction of a millimeter different from the last release.

This next iPhone might have more components inside, or it could just have thicker metal across its entire backside. According to Eric Slivka at MacRumors, the next iPhone will be 7.08mm thick. This is compared to the iPhone 6 coming in at 6.9mm thick.

This is odd if you consider the battery size only. Batteries in this newest iPhone are said to be ever-so-slightly smaller, likely owing to battery life optimizations in iOS 9. Where's the extra space going?

We're guessing Force Touch technology – it's gotta fit in there somewhere.

What's odd on top of that, though, is the slight difference in height. The iPhone 6s is shown here to be 138.19mm tall compared to the 138.1mm of its predecessor. The iPhone 6s is also 67.68mm wide compared to the 67mm of its predecessor according to these measurements.

Super-tight case-makers will suffer most here. The average consumer won't know the difference.