iPhone 6 vs every other iPhone video gets 4K release

Chris Burns - May 23, 2014
iPhone 6 vs every other iPhone video gets 4K release

This year’s iPhone 6 dummy has been captured once again, this time in the form of a close-up and detailed comparison to the rest of the iPhone lineup. This device is compared to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s as well as the entire collection of iPhone 4S and below – everything with a smaller display, that is to say.

This video comes from DetroitBORG who appears to be working in collaboration with Sonny Dickson. Several high-resolution photos of the collection were also shared by Dickson this week – they’re also included in the gallery below.

The iPhone 6 – if this dummy is indeed an accurate representation – will be bringing on a drastic change to the iPhone series. Here we’ll see a much larger smartphone with a much larger display – 4.7-inches over the previous largest iPhone with a 4-inch display.

In the future we may see an even larger iPhone. Display manufacturers and analysts alike have suggested a 5.5-inch display is on the horizon. You’ll find the hands-on action in the video above to also show off how Apple plans on handling this larger display size.


With the larger display comes the issue of comfort. To make this larger iPhone 6 ready to work with the common hand, rounded edges have replaced hard sides. It won’t slip, but it also won’t cut.

Have a peek at the timeline below as well to get closer to the iPhone 6 through a massive cross-section of dummies from the East. We’ll be covering this one through to launch and beyond, as well.


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