iPhone 6 tipped to feature sapphire glass screen and solar charger

Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone model later this year and the rumors about what the device will feature are flying. A few days ago, we mentioned that a test run of 100 units of the iPhone 6 with the sapphire glass screen had reportedly been made by Foxconn. In February of 2013, a patent surfaced that suggested an iPhone with a solar charger was on the way.

Today a new rumor has surfaced that combines the sapphire glass screen and that solar charging patent into something new. According to this rumor, the sapphire glass screen of the iPhone 6 will feature solar charging capability. It's unclear if the rumor is suggesting the screen will have an integrated solar panel or if they will be separate items.

Integrating a solar panel along with that sapphire screen in a smartphone would be something completely new in the market. The source of the rumor tips that the goal is to help keep the smartphone topped up and running as long as possible. Battery life is becoming a challenge as people use their devices more and power demands rise with more processing power and larger screens.

One of Apple's patents for the touchscreen solar panel tech hinted that the touch screen had a power management system that was able to take power from solar panels. This is pure rumor at this time, so take it with a grain of salt. We do know that Apple patented this sort of tech, so a solar charging iPhone 6 is certainly possible.