iPhone 6 reportedly appears in photo with Jimmy Lin

The iPhone 6 has made another (alleged) appearance, this time in a snapshot of Taiwanese celebrity Jimmy Lin, who is seen holding an iPhone 5 and the suspected iPhone 6. This follows a leak earlier today revealing what is said to be the handset's final build in a series of images.

The photo was posted on Sina Weibo, and the iPhone 6 pictured is allegedly the smaller of the two anticipated models (4.7-inches). Whether the photos are legit is up for debate, but he posted a couple shots of them next to the older iPhone for comparison (check out the gallery below).

This, of course, isn't the first time an upcoming Apple smartphone has appeared in an image with Jimmy Lin. Last year, the celebrity was imaged in a dark photo showing him holding what turned out to be the actual iPhone 5C ahead of its launch, lending him a touch of credibility.

Way back in 2010, as well, Lin was spotted in an image holding up what looked like a miniature iPad next to its bigger sibling. Check out the timeline below for some additional iPhone 6 news, including the latest rumors about its specs.

SOURCE: GforGames