Mini iPad Caught in the Wild?

There's certainly no shortage of rumors regarding the next generation iPad. Especially not when it comes to the possibility that Apple may be working on a smaller version of their ridiculously popular tablet device. And while Apple is silent on the matter (not surprisingly), there's a pretty big divide as to whether or not the Cupertino-based company really is planning on releasing a smaller variation. If you're someone who believes pictures, then what you're looking at below may make you pretty excited for what's to come in 2011.

Then again, despite the fact it's being held by a race car driver based out of Taiwan, named Jimmy Lin, there's the very strong possibility that this is nothing more than a knock-off of the device people want so bad. Lin, though, is confident he is holding the next version of iPad, albeit much smaller. The picture's just blurry enough that actually getting any details from the device in question is pretty hard. It sure does look like a smaller version of the iPad, but there are tons of replicas and knock-offs out there in the world, and this is very likely just another one. What do you think?

[via Ubergizmo]