iPhone 6 may be hard to come by when it goes on sale

Nate Swanner - Jun 25, 2014
iPhone 6 may be hard to come by when it goes on sale

Ready for more iPhone 6 news rumors? We thought you might be! A new report suggests that while the next, largest iPhone may actually be on sale come the Fall, it may not be available. We know, that’s a bit confusing, but it’s actually nothing new from Apple. We’ll explain.

By now, you’ve probably seen the leaked shots of the new iPhone, showing what amounts to a small iPad or big iPod. The casing around the device is now believed to be an aluminum, or at least some kind of metal alloy. The company processing those cases has reportedly screwed them up something awful, too.

Catcher Technology has chosen wrong, it seems. Their anodizing process (that’s what gives a metal its color, like gold or “space grey”) is reportedly damaging the shells. It’s not clear what damage is being noticed, but anodizing issues could range from improper coloration to compromised integrity of the metal. The issue seems to be where the plastic and metal comes together, but it’s not known if that’s around the front where the screen would sit, or the cutouts we see for the antenna and such on the rear of the device — or both.

This issue is reportedly putting Catcher three months behind schedule, too. With a rumored September 19 release, it’s possible those interested may not get their devices until late November or later. If Apple were going to make a larger, metal smartphone, maybe they should have asked HTC how it’s done.

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