iPhone 6 display size boost joined by rumor of iPhone 5c scrapping

Chris Burns - Jan 23, 2014
iPhone 6 display size boost joined by rumor of iPhone 5c scrapping

This week there’s already been one report of Apple deciding to move forward with at least one larger display size for their iPhone lineup, coming first to the iPhone 6, if the rumors hold true. Today the Wall Street Journal joins in with a report that – to be fair – includes a warning that “Apple’s plans weren’t final and that the company could change course.” That said, sources here suggest that Apple will also discontinue the plastic-backed iPhone 5c less than a year after it was initially released – perhaps in favor of an all-metal lineup before the end of 2014.

While it’s difficult to believe that Apple would completely scrap a line of devices less than a year after they were introduced, it’s possible that Apple could lay low their efforts in this colorful space. The iPhone 5s has outsold the iPhone 5c considerably since both devices were introduced, but considering the lifespan of essentially every other Apple mobile device since the first iPhone, we can’t see the iPhone 5c petering out entirely – at least not this year.

As for the double-dose of display sizes for the iPhone 6 – there’s a real possibility. We’ve heard more than one distinct source suggest that Apple would increase the size of their iPhone’s display, and now with the WSJ onboard with sources suggesting more than one size, Apple’s expansion seems all the more real.

This particular tip comes from sources that suggest that Apple will release two new iPhones by the time 2014 is over, one of them with a display between 4.5 and 5-inches in size, the second with a display larger than 5-inches. If Apple continues their schedule of revealing iPhones in or around September, there’s plenty of time between now and then for the company to change its mind – if the tips are true in the first place, of course.

Have a peek at the timeline below for more insight. We’ll certainly be seeing one whole heck of a lot more rumors and analysis before the next iPhone is released, one way or the other.

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