iPhone 6 and #bendgate -- the funniest reactions so far

All this talk of bent iPhones has brought on a myriad of reactions. What started as confused anger has morphed into humor. Your phone bent, and even if it's so slight you don't notice it in regular use — it's there. We searched for some of the more lighthearted reactions from around the web, and found some really cool stuff.

From the downright troll-ish to the just plain funny, these are the more striking reactions we've seen about #bendgate. Or #bentgate. I dunno, call it what you want. Phones are still bent (#turnt ?).

Oh, Samsung. You're losing money, and the Note 4 will launch at roughly 1/10th the sales iPhone 6 has. But hey, at least you can claim your phones don't bend. We're really happy for you.

This one I really like. I'm supposed to wax philosophical about how the iPhone and Razr both changed cell phone history, altering the course of — who cares. They are both slim, and the iPhone 6 bends. It's funny. Laugh already!

LG was quick to chime in about the G Flex. To be fair, it was a reaction I was anticipating. It's only natural to take a shot at Apple when you've got a bent phone. It's cute, and hey, the G Flex can be pushed flat! Take that, Apple!

This one I also like a lot. The Matrix is still awesome, and I tend to quote this scene a lot when things seem impossible. Besides, I wonder how many have tried to use their mind bullets to straighten out the iPhone. I won't lie, I would.

I'll leave you with this. I love Futurama, and Bender was among the first conversations we had about #bendgate at the SlashGear offices. If we can get that Jonny Ive character out of the mix and replace him with Clamps, we'll be just fine.