iPhone 5S shows up on Gamestop’s website with trade-in pricing

Brittany A. Roston - Aug 29, 2013, 12:51am CDT
iPhone 5S shows up on Gamestop’s website with trade-in pricing

We’ve heard a fair bit of rumors about the iPhone 5S, and now the handset has made another appearance, this time in a decidedly more official manner: on the Gamestop website. The seller of all things video games has put the iPhone up alongside official models sans a price but with trade-in pricing values.

Gamestop allows gadget users to trade in their devices for a set rate, with the rate fluctuating based on whether the trade in is for store credit or for cash. In this case, the iPhone 5S has had such pricing listed for the AT&T 16GB, AT&T 32GB, and the AT&T 64GB models, none of which feature an image but all of which are surprisingly still up on its website.

For a like-new device without issues of both cosmetic and other sorts, the cash trade-in value is $382 and the store credit is $480. The 32GB version is higher at $422 trade-in cash value and $530 in store credit, while the 64GB is $462 cash and $580 in store credit. Comparing this to the iPhone 5 in the same condition, one would get $370/$466 for the 64GB AT&T model.

The iPhone 5S is said to be about 31-percent faster than the iPhone 5, and according to the same batch of rumors will feature new motion-tracking technology. Earlier this week, we also saw the handset leak in full with a graphite-esque color, making it look like the phone could be available in four colors instead of just the previously anticipated three: black, white, and gold.


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