iPhone 5S leak debunked: that's a clone!

With the iPhone 5 more than a week old (more than several weeks, believe it or not), the iPhone 5S rumors are running hot – but the one you're about to see is a falsehood. The images included here come from a website by the name of SJBBS.ZOL and have been circulating today as alleged iPhone 5S part leaks. Instead what you're seeing is a rather cheap knock-off of the iPhone 5 – the proof is in the pudding.

As it's also pointed out on MacRumors, several elements in basically every single one of the leaked photos shows the fake-phone's true form. This device has a microSD card slot, an off-brand low-cost battery that's smaller than the iPhone 5, and there's no Lightning connector port. Instead you've got an amalgamation of bits and pieces you'll be able to purchase for a few bucks in a corner store – or at rip-off prices on the web.

That said and as Steve Hemmerstoffer's photo makes clear, the iPhone 5S this device is certainly not. Instead you'll have to rely on the few iPhone 5S rumors and tips we've seen over the past couple of weeks. There you'll find a mental picture painted of an iPhone 5S that's roughly the same size and shape as the iPhone 5 but with upgraded innards – surprises in store!

Have a peek at the iPhone 5S / iPhone 6 timeline below to find out the real deal truth! And be sure to note that unless Apple lets it be known, it's not confirmed – and don't let anyone tell you any different!