iPhone 5S batteries pave way for Autumn release

A factory-floor photograph of what would appear to be a pallet of black, faceless objects has been attached to claims of iPhone 5S connectivity this morning. This set of batteries comes alongside a set of photographs revealed over the past couple of weeks of the innards and outer bits of the next-generation iPhone, here code-named iPhone 5S.

While details on this device are still scant, rumors and photo leaks of the device appear to line up well with Apple's release schedule with past iterations of the iPhone. If all goes as expected, the iPhone 5S will be revealed in September or October, approximately 1 year after the iPhone 5 was first shown to the public.

The rack of iPhone 5S batteries – or so they're called here – are just the newest in an odds-and-ends collection of "leaked" photos of the iPhone's next step. The past several generations of the iPhone have been preceded by a collection of component image leaks such as this, while the very idea of publishing a photo of a smartphone battery from any other smartphone in the making is met by comments of confusion on a large scale.

Have a peek at the recent wave of so-called iPhone 5S component leaks and let us know if you're able to construct a device from the lot of them. This incremental iPhone 5 update is sure to summon an event of its own in the next few months, with much unofficial bravado leading up to the drop. Stick around for more screws and bolts!

VIA NoWhereElse