iPhone 5C Official: Replacing The iPhone 5

This week Tim Cook took the stage at an Apple event that would reveal not one, but two new iPhone devices. The first of these is the iPhone 5C. This device along with the second iPhone have been revealed to be part of a new model from Apple which will have them replacing the iPhone they've released the year before rather than pushing it down to a lower price range.

The iPhone 5C will be released in a variety of colors with a plastic back* – you'll find green, yellow, blue, white, and a rather bright red up for grabs. The entire back and sides of the iPhone 5C will be made up of one single piece of material, with – as Apple's Phil Schiller suggests, a body that's entirely "without seams, part lines, or joints."

This device line will be working with a collection of Apple-made silicon cases "custom" cases, that is with a "soft-feel silicon rubber" to them. They'll be working with a grid of circular cut patterns so you'll be able to see the color underneath, and they'll be in a set of tones complimentary to the original shade. These cases will go over the iPhone 5C's *hard-coated polycarbonate body.

Apple has made a point to reinforce the idea that these devices are no less tough than their predecessors, working with a "steel-reinforced inside" as well as a new structure which will serve as an antenna. The display up front is a 4-inch retina panel with an integrated touch layer while the dvic will be powered by an A6 chip, rather similar to the iPhone 5.