iPhone 5C demand lower than expected, says Tim Cook

It is rare for Apple, especially its CEO, to admit to some level of error so when it does, everyone is all ears. This has happened yet again as Tim Cook admitted that they might have overestimated the popularity of the iPhone 5C, whose market performance wasn't as they had expected.

To be fair, the brightly colored plastic-backed mid-range iPhone didn't flunk sales. At the end of the quarter, the iPhone 5C sold 51 million units. Unfortunately, Apple expected it to sell for around 55 million. Cook believes that this was because consumers gravitated towards a more interesting, but also more expensive, iPhone 5S.

Cook says that the features on the iPhone 5S, particular the Touch ID, ended up grabbing more attention and thus majority of the sales. The iPhone 5S is also a premium device with high-end hardware. The iPhone 5C, on the other hand, was almost similar to the iPhone 5 and its biggest marketing stunt was the colorful design, yet another Apple first since the company left the colorful iMac era.

This was also the first time that Apple introduced two new iPhone models at the same time, which could have led to a slight confusion among Apple fans. Apple doesn't usually reveal its per-product sales numbers, but it has reduced orders for the mid-range smartphone, prompting many to speculate on the veracity of reports about the iPhone 5C's weak sales.

Now the fate of the iPhone 5C remains unknown. Some think that Apple will soon scrap the device. Apple is also believed to be revising its iPhone strategy and might no longer introduce a plastic, mid-range variant when it unveils its next iPhone generation.

VIA: Apple Insider