iPhone 5c Begins To Sell Out, 5s Online Orders Announced

Today pre-orders began for Apple's iPhone 5c, the phone that's set to replace the iPhone 5 in the company's stock while the iPhone 5s takes the hero spot, and they've already begun to sell out pre-orders. Though it is only one model and one color for now, it would appear that this smartphone is set to be a winner despite controversy over its specifications being so similar to last year's model. Meanwhile the iPhone 5s has been announced to be hitting the Apple store online at midnight, starting the 20th of September off right with a launch at 12:01 AM PST.

Apple stores are likely to see lines across the country on the 20th, a little unlike what's happened the past several launches of similar products. The model Apple set up over the past several years had users pre-ordering the newest iPhone several days in advance (as they are with the iPhone 5c) while this time around they're leaving the hero product for one single day's launch.

Each Apple store across the country will be opening at 8AM local time to sell the iPhone 5s on the 20th of September, where both the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c will be available for general sale – it's expected that these devices will be available for all four major US-based carriers at that time as well.

Of all the colors the iPhone 5c is available in, it would appear that Yellow is winning out for quickest sales. Sprint has reported that they'll be in short supply of all models in general "some phones will ship in up to 2 weeks", while the iPhone 5c Yellow 32GB edition is kicked up to a 3-week shipping period. Apple has also shown signs of sell-out for the iPhone 5c Yellow edition, first in the 16GB model with a shipping date of September 25th at earliest.

Stay tuned as we track sales of these devices over the next couple days – expect sell-outs (or at least larger delays in shipping times) to appear frequently.