iPhone 5 To Have 4.6-Inch Retina Display

This next generation iPhone, whatever it may end up being called by the end of the year when it will almost certainly be announced and launched, will continue the iPhone trend of having a Retina-quality display, this time at a larger 4.6-inch size. This update to the iPhone – or any size jump in the iPhone's display – has been criticized by analysts as being outright absurd due to the undeniably gigantic amount of hardware and software partners Apple has dedicated to the current size and shape of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. South Korean media speaking with an unnamed industry source have bucked the trend of speaking on a display size the same as what's been released already, saying a boost is in order.

This new display size will likely continue the trend of having so very many pixels per square inch on the display that it will still qualify for a Retina quality ranking. The new iPad for 2012 also has this distinction, it having more pixels in its display than any other tablet currently on the market. This news has been revealed by the Maeil Business Newspaper and quotes an industry source in South Korea.

What do you think, Apple lovers? Will the new iPhone take what we've known and loved for several years now and flush it down the toilet in favor of a much larger size? The size at the moment is the size that it is because of Apple's days months and even years of user studies showing how perfect it is for one palm and your adult-sized fingers. Will an extra 1.1 inches across the screen be a jolt to sales, or will this iPhone be the first that pulls the interface upward and outward?

[via Rueters]