iPhone 5 orders received by Foxconn

Today a local news report from Taiyuan, Shanxi, China has reported that the Foxconn factory in the area is looking to hire 20,000 workers to create the new iPhone specifically. This report from Taiyuan notes that the factory "urgently" seeks this massive amount of new workers to work on their new orders for the production of the iPhone 5. This new device will likely be released this year per patterns laid down by Apple over the past few years with mobile device releases.

This next-generation iPhone 5 is said to be ramping up for production in the Taiyuan Foxconn specifically, with the local news source speaking how the recruitment for the plant will be posted across Taiyuan this week. A total of 20 recruitment centers are being reported as being constructed now, and not one whole heck of a lot more is known at the moment about this specific manufacturing location.

Meanwhile strikes are taking place at this same location, so it is also very possible that the call to create a new iPhone might be a switch-out of old workers. One way or another, we'll likely get an iPhone this year, and Foxconn as a series of manufacturing plants in China is going to take part in its construction. We'll certainly continue to hear reports of events like these – calls for additional workers and expansions of the plants themselves – until the actual release of the next big Apple mobile device.

[via MIC Gadget]