iPhone 5 launch date tipped for AT&T: late September

This morning it appears that at least one anonymous yet reliable source is reporting that the AT&T version of the new iPhone (aka the iPhone 5) will be the third or fourth week of September. This tip comes from a person in the know speaking with BGR so we cannot wholly guarantee that this time span is a fix, but given the rumored announcement date of the device, it does seem likely. The announcement date for the iPhone 5 has been reported by several sources close to the matter as being September 12th.

This device is also being tipped as having AT&T put an "all hands on deck" order down for the last couple of weeks in September and throughout October as well. Another AT&T source speaking with BGR noted that a "huge" training event for regional employees that was once set for the first week in October has now been pushed to a later date due to a conflict. The conflict, they say, is a "huge announcement" which we must assume is the release of the new iPhone.

This device will likely be announced as Apple's newest hero smartphone working with iOS 6 and in stores near the end of September. Along with this device will possibly be announced a new size of iPad, that being the fabled "iPad mini" with a 7-inch display. Both of these devices, if they both appear or not, will quite likely be carrying a brand new dock connector with 8 pins rather than the current 30 as you've been using on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices since they were first released.

Feel free to have a peek at the rest of our iPhone 5 (or The New iPhone, if you wish) in our new iPhone portal. Also check out the timeline below for extended bits of information on the device as they've popped up most recently in our main news feed. And get prepped for the next generation of Apple mobile device!