iPhone 4S GLAS.t adds another layer of glass for protection

Chris Burns - Jan 30, 2012, 2:15 pm CDT
iPhone 4S GLAS.t adds another layer of glass for protection

The folks at Spigen have a brand new accessory for the iPhone 4/4S that they’d love for you to try out: the GLAS.t premium tempered glass screen protector. What makes this particular screen protector different from the hundreds of alternatives is it’s makeup: it’s not plastic, it’s Oleophobic Coated Chemically Treated Glass, their own formula! The front is transparent and the back is covered with a just-as-transparent silicon adhesive, and when properly applied, the entire shield has absolutely no effect on the touch sensitivity of your device.

When you want to protect glass, do you usually use more glass to get the job done? Not usually, of course not, no. But what we’ve got here is a reinforced bit of ultra-thin glass that will shatter if by some miracle you’re able to break it. The 0.4mm thickness will not only keep the excellent feel of the surface you paid for in your glass and metal smartphone, but will give you 8-9H hardness, three times the strength of your average PET film – try to scratch it, go on!

This unit will cost you the cool price of $27.99 and units are in stock right this moment. There’s only one color: transparent, and you’ll want to make sure you’re only picking one up if you’ve got an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S, as nothing else will do. Have a peek at an installation process in this lovely video. One shot and good to go!

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