iPhone 4/4S (PRODUCT) RED bumper revealed by Apple

Apple has released a red colored bumper in its official line of edge-protecting gear for the iPhone 4S / iPhone 4 model smartphone, this one ready to donate to charity in the (PROJECT) RED initiative. Just as Apple has been participating in (PROJECT) RED since they first released the RED iPod, so too do they continue here with this perfectly simple addition to their official protection line. You can pick this bumper up from Apple stores across the USA starting immediately if not soon.

If you're ordering this hot little number from the web you'll be getting it in 4-6 business days, while users headed to physical shops across the nation may well be able to pick one up this afternoon. Though it may not look it from the images above and below, this bumper is two-toned and is made of durable rubber and molded plastic.

This unit is only the latest in a line of Apple-made iPhone 4/4S bumpers, with other colors including pink, orange, green, white, blue, and black. All bumpers will cost you a cool $29.00 not including shipping. All of your buttons will continue to be accessible while the bumper is installed, and both your front and back panels are still wide open and viewable.

The RED model does give some bit of its proceeds to the program, with this playing a big part in Apple's charity efforts on the whole. In an Apple town hall meeting that took place in February of this year, CEO Tim Cook let it be known that sales of (PRODUCT) RED Apple products had at that point generated a whopping $50 million USD – fabulous!

[via MacRumors]