iPhone 4 white-balance problem next to prompt frustration

It seems that when you launch what could be the most-anticipated phone of 2010, you then have to spend the subsequent weeks countering complaints about it.  Another iPhone 4 issue has raised its head, this time regarding the new, 5-megapixel camera on the smartphone.  Multiple owners are complaining that photos taken by the iPhone 4 has what appears to be a white-balance problem, leaving indoor shots with a noticeable yellow or green cast.Macworld pieced together four sample shots – taken with the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and a Canon 5D DSLR – to show the extent of the problem.  It seems that while the iPhone 4 is capable of accurate colors in daylight or bright indoor shots, when left to the LED flash or low-level indoor lighting some handsets are failing to select the correct white-balance profile.

That's leading to the unusual colors, and many of the affected owners are also reporting that flesh tones are given an odd yellow/green hue when the LED flash is used in low-light conditions.  Post-processing gives mixed and not entirely satisfactory results, and Apple themselves are yet to comment; when Macworld contacted AppleCare, they were told they would have to send their iPhone 4 in for replacement.