iPhone 4 in-store reservations go through the roof

We all know by now that Apple and AT&T's servers went into meltdown as over 600,000 iPhone 4 preorders were placed in the first day the handset went up for sale, but how did Apple stores fare?  BGR's sources have come through with some guide figures for in-store reservations, and they're pretty eye-watering: one "large" New York store had over 2,200 iPhone 4 reservations.

Meanwhile a "medium" sized store in Boston had over 800 reservations, and a "small" Texas store had over 900.  Demand has been high in California, too, with over 1,000 reservations in one store and over 1,400 in another.  These figures – assuming they pan out into sales on June 24th – are all on top of Apple's current 600,000 figure.

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