iPhone 4 clears FCC with SAR report in hand

Chris Davies - Jun 8, 2010
iPhone 4 clears FCC with SAR report in hand

We’re guessing whatever confidentiality agreement Apple had with the FCC has just been lifted, because their full report into the new iPhone 4 has now been published and we don’t think they’ve been up working all night.  Unfortunately, Apple have asked for indefinite confidentiality on a lot of the more juicier details, but if you’re concerned as to whether the iPhone 4 will cook your head with radiation, the SAR values are public.

Phone Arena have been doing the sums and reckon that the iPhone 4 is actually one of the lowest around when it comes to SAR ratings: 0.02 W/kg lower than the iPhone 3GS it replaces and only pipped by the HTC EVO 4G when it comes to head SAR results among the popular smartphones around right now.  As for body results, it’s a little higher than the 3GS, but a fair chunk lower than the DROID, Droid Incredible or EVO 4G.

Unfortunately, the bill of materials, antenna information – if you recall, the unusual gaps around the edge of the iPhone 4 are where the different antennas finish, as Apple has used the stainless steel chassis for the WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G aerials – and various other details are still locked down.

Looking for more on the iPhone 4?  Check out our hands-on report from WWDC 2010 yesterday, and analyst Ben Bajarin’s own video report on the fourth-gen Apple smartphone.

iPhone 4 hands-on demo:

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