iPhone 3GS netbook transformer (yeah, we know it's not real) [Video]

Now, before someone feels obligated to tell us that this isn't real and is merely an animation, we do realise that there's no software in the App Store that can actually transform your iPhone 3GS into a dinky netbook.  Still, our love of time-consuming fan renders and Transformer-style videos leaves us honor-bound to mention Manuel Eder's marvellous video of Apple's smartphone doing just that.Video after the cut

Just to satisfy all of those who get wound up by the "practical" implications of such concepts, yes, the keyboard would likely be too small and there's probably not much good to be had when your smartphone's circuit-boards are used as an integrated stand.  We doubt there'd be especially decent key travel, either, not to mention the embarrassment at parties if you accidentally triggered the app while the iPhone 3GS was in your pocket.

Still, it's just a render so we can ignore all that and spend the rest of the morning making Transformer noises under our breath.  Watch, enjoy, move on.

[via Tablets For The Net]