French MacBook transformer video

I've no doubt this video will be all over the place before long (if it isn't already) but we're suckers for transforming tech here at SlashGear.  Apparently created for the French postal service, to publicize their new home printing service for shipping labels, it shows a MacBook option that, while cool, could get expensive after a while.Video after the cut

In the video, the user's MacBook transforms into a Star Wars-esque spacecraft after he attempts to organize a shipment, complete with Transformers-style robotic noises.  It's not the first time we've seen such adverts – Citroen's C4 commercials are a good prior example – but we still love them.

Perhaps even funnier are the discussions the video prompted in the 9to5Mac comments, about how this isn't actually a real MacBook (pre-transformation, of course).  It has the screen bezel of a pre-unibody model, but the keyboard of a newer machine.

[via Gear Diary]