iPhone 3GS drops into Tesco Mobile's basket

Another O2 MVNO is causing a stir this morning, as Tesco Mobile announce it will be offering the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS both in stores and through its online catalog.  No pricing has been revealed for the handset – which was previously an O2 exclusive – but there's a pre-interest registration page for those curious about future revelations.

According to Recombu's sources, the iPhone 3G and 3GS handsets will be available both on contract and as pay-as-you-go pre-pay packages from Tesco Mobile.  They've been told that, while the supermarket is yet to complete negotiations regarding pricing, Tesco Mobile are aiming for costs that are "as competitive as possible".

Also unknown at this stage is release date.  Carrier Orange has already begun selling the iPhone in the UK, and Vodafone are set to begin sales of the smartphone in early 2010.  However the anticipated "price war" is yet to materialise, so iPhone-hungry consumers will likely be hoping that Tesco's purchasing power will result in a more affordable handset.

[via Recombu]