iPhone 13 rumor claims Apple may add reverse wireless charging

It seems like rumors concerning the next generation of Apple products never end. When the latest generation of devices like the iPhone launch, rumors about the next generation begin to surface. Some new rumors are making the rounds concerning the iPhone 13 and what we might be able to expect for the next-generation iPhone models.

One of the most interesting of the new rumors is that Apple is integrating larger wireless charging coils. One potential reason for the integration of larger wireless charging coils is to allow for reverse wireless charging. Reverse wireless charging is something that's been available on the Galaxy line of smartphones for a while.

With the Galaxy line of smartphones, reverse charging allows users to turn their phone into a wireless charging device for someone else's phone. That means you can use one fully charged Galaxy device to charge another that is about to go dead without needing an outlet or cables.

Larger wireless charging coils could also improve heat management and allow higher wattage, possibly leading to faster wireless charging. However, the source of the rumor, Max Weinbach, says the reason for the larger charging coils could be because the iPhones will feature stronger MagSafe magnets. Interestingly, filings that Apple made with the FCC for the current generation iPhone show that all iPhone 12 models have the ability to reverse wirelessly charge other devices. However, Apple didn't roll that feature out.

Other reports have indicated that Apple intends to roll out reverse wireless charging on the next-generation iPad Pro expected in 2022. As for why the current generation iPhone models allegedly have support for reverse wireless charging, and it wasn't implemented, it may be because of a significant battery drain. The larger battery inside an iPad Pro would allow the tablet to operate longer while sharing its power with an Apple Watch or AirPods.