iPhone 13 event leaks: Colors, sizes, prices you can expect

The iPhone 13 series is expected to be revealed at Apple's next press event happening on September 14. This event is rumored to be the first place Apple will officially unveil the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. We've gone over the specifications and expected features for the lot – now it's time to take a peek at the more basic details, like size and color.

The smallest iPhone of the bunch is the iPhone 13 mini, a phone that will quite likely be released with six different color options. The most likely options for users on launch day are Black, White, Blue, Purple, Pink, and PRODUCT (Red). To keep the cost of this phone as low as possible, it's quite likely this will be the only iPhone with a 64GB internal storage size option.

The iPhone 13 mini is also rumored to be replacing the iPhone 12 mini in stores, so it'll probably be a good time to catch some serious discounts in the weeks following the announcement. The iPhone 13 mini will probably be the one and only iPhone of its size available from Apple once released, in both 64GB and 128GB iterations.

The iPhone 13 is expected to come in two internal storage size variations, including 128GB and 256GB. The big difference between the mini and the non-mini iPhone 13 is display size. It's expected that Apple will further differentiate the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro line with some obvious color separations, making the non-Pro come in the six colors mentioned above and the Pro come in Black, Silver, Bronze, and Gold.

The iPhone 13 Pro has been rumored to come in the same storage size variants as the non-Pro model. That'd allow the iPhone 13 Pro Max to further pull away from the pack as the only version to offer a 512GB iteration. The iPhone 13 Pro Max will also likely come with a 256GB version to allow the base cost to be as low as possible. The best news of the bunch is that Apple is not expected to change the launch pricing of any of the iPhone models, making them effectively match those of the launch prices of the iPhone 12!

Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on the expected specifications of the iPhone 13 lineup, and stay tuned as the event unfolds! You'll be able to catch the event on September 14 and we'll have the whole batch of details up here in SlashGear's main news feed!