iPhone 12 supply clues show major OLED change, a first for Apple

An iPhone 12 leak today says Apple decided to move to an entirely OLED display range for all four models of its next smartphone. The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max will all have not only OLED display panels, but 5G connectivity as well. The lesser two devices are rumored to come with limited 5G connectivity – with sub-6 range – while the two "Pro" models will come packed with sub-6 and mmWave 5G connectivity, if reports prove entirely accurate.

If Nikkei reporting here is accurate, Apple's entire iPhone 12 range will have OLED display panels. That includes the lesser and the greater sets of two: iPhone 12 (regular and Max), and iPhone 12 Pro (regular and max).

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This will be the first time Apple decides to release an entire range of iPhone devices with OLED technology, if all stays according to leaked plans. In past years, Apple worked with OLED displays for its higher-end iPhone Pro units, while the standard iPhone line continued to be delivered with slightly more affordable LCD display panels.

If Apple does move to all-OLED for this 2020 release, there's a possibility that base prices for all iPhones will rise. This cost would be off-set in the minds of prospective buyers by the option they have for the iPhone SE 2nd-gen (2020), as it has an LCD display panel and a significantly more "affordable" price tag.

It could also be possible that Apple's now purchase enough OLED panels from suppliers that they're able to edge the price down to a point where new OLED iPhone 12 (and forward) devices can be released for prices that aren't significantly higher than their predecessors.

In any case, it would still seem likely that we'll see an iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro range of devices delivered to the public at an event in early September, 2020. If rumors are true, there's a possibility that the iPhone 12 and/or iPhone 12 Pro will be delivered later than Apple's hero devices have been post-event in past years. That'd mean that we wouldn't see an iPhone 12 release date inside September, instead pushing it back to October or early November 2020.