iPhone 12 Pro in the hands of the gimbal GOAT

Apple released a video today showing their collaboration with Chivo, aka Emmanuel Lubezki. Chivo ("goat" in Spanish) is known for his work with extremely long, uninterrupted shots of video in major motion pictures like Children of Men, Gravity, Birdman, and The Revenant. Lubezki uses several sorts of accessories to assist in his capture of video with the iPhone 12 Pro, including the most brilliant oddity we've seen in a long time.*

Lubezki was the first person in the history of the world to win the Academy Award for Best Cinematography three years in a row. He won for Gravity, then Birdman, then The Revenant. He is the greatest of all time (GOAT) cinematographer with a gimbal, bar none. If you're going to see only one movie he's worked on, I recommend you see Children of Men.

In the video released by Apple, Lubezki worked with the iPhone 12 Pro and some accessories (like a 3-axis gimbal) to show the back-facing camera capabilities of the phone. Below you'll see the video called "Shot on iPhone 12 Pro by Emmanuel Lubezki – Apple."

One of the several features noted by the video multiple times is the iPhone 12 Pro's ability to capture, edit, and playback in Dolby Vision. You'll also see the iPhone 12 Pro held by a drone, and connected to a rather complicated looking set of bars and lights.

*You'll also see the iPhone 12 in a makeshift underwater contraption that consists of two pieces of plexiglass and some blue duct tape. It's brilliant, really. The plexiglass holds the device in place without blocking the lenses, and the tape stops any water ingress.

ALSO NOTE: Hanan Townshend created the original score for the video you see above.

Above you'll also see the first major video presentation of the iPhone 12- you'll likely see this or iterations therein on television more than once in the near future.