iPhone 11 Foxconn leak points to new battery details

The iPhone 11 was leaked in part by an email from an apparent Foxconn employee claiming to know the full lot. In the mix are details of a new green color for the higher-end iPhone 11 Max, which will apparently be the only "new" color of the year. This machine will also apparently be devoid of the word "iPhone" for the first time in the smartphone series' history. Only an Apple logo will remain – so it is reported.

The part about this leak is the detail with which it is delivered. The text suggests that they've got details on specifications – which is nothing particularly new. The new bit is the detail with which it's described WHERE these specifications will be made physical. They've named factory locations!

The email popped up in a China-based news source with Antutu (benchmarking app team), delivered first to a source on Weibo. That's a microblogging site, and it means that we're far enough away from the source that we must trust our own judgement of probability more than we do the source without a discerning eye.

In this case, the appearance of each factory name with the elements in play in the email suggests that the creator was one of several sorts of people. They could've been a person with far too much time on their hands and a taste for the spread of strangely specific info about smartphones. It could've been a blogger looking for some "leaker" fame. Or it could have been the real deal – an actual Foxconn employee or close affiliate familiar with the goings-on of the various iPhone manufacturing facilities throughout China.

They suggest that the iPhone 11 will be delivered in black, white, gold, and green – with a possible "dark green." It's not clear whether they're suggesting there'll be two different green tones available, or if they mean only that the green will, indeed, be of a dark variety.

They suggest that "Guanlan and a certain Kang factory in Longhua" are preparing to work with the "dark green" version of the iPhone 11. They also suggest that Huizhou Desai and Xinwangda suppliers will provide the iPhone 11 Max with a brand new 3969mAh battery.

The new iPhone – likely just the 11 – will come in 64 / 256 / 512 internal storage size iterations, according to this leak, and it'll continue to use a lightning USB port. It's like the same charging speed from the iPhone Xs and Xs Max will continue to be implemented with the 11 and 11 Max. It's also quite likely we'll see the continued use of wireless charging with the glass-backed iPhone 11 series.

Per leaks and common sense expectations given the timing of Apple's events over the past half-decade and more, we're expecting to see an Apple event showing these devices in September of 2019. If Apple sticks to tradition, they'll then release the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max (not necessarily their final names) approximately a week or two after the event occurs. When we know final details, we'll let you know!