iPad WiFi fix promised in future firmware

The iPad's temperamental WiFi has already been fingered as a DHCP issue – temporarily fixable by power cycling the wireless or the tablet itself – but it seems Apple themselves are readying what will hopefully be a more permanent fix.  The company's two support pages for the iPad WiFi issue (here and here) have been updated with the promise that "Apple will also address remaining Wi-Fi connectivity issues with a future iPad software update."

The exact nature of the software update is unclear, but assuming the DHCP explanation is accurate it would seem likely that they'd be looking to prevent the iPad from allowing its IP lease to expire when in certain standby conditions.  IT managers at Princeton University discovered that the iPad would sometimes attempt to continue using the same IP address despite whichever router assigned it no longer seeing it as valid (and, potentially, already having assigned it to a different user).

[via Gear Diary]