iPad-toting snowboard created in tribute to Jobs

The folks at Signal Snowboard have a deal called Every Third Thursday where they take time out of their busy board-making day to create something utterly strange, awesome, or otherwise never having been done before – and this week they're bringing the heat with a custom iShred snowboard with built-in iPad in tribute of the recently deceased Steve Jobs. What they do here is to start with the raw materials, cut down some ABS for the top with an iPad hole, add an aluminum base, and away they go! All of this is done with CNC machines to precise cuts all around – but will the tricks they perform once the board is done have the iPad surviving the falls?

In the bottom of the board is a beacon that lights up, and unlike some boards, this one has no additional edges, just the aluminum base. The light-up logo in the base is what you might recognize as a wi-fi signal, but in fact its the non-text version of Signal Snowboards own mark, and yes, it does light up just like the Apple does on the back of your MacBook. Stainless steel conductors working with batteries inside the board make for a light-up experience only when the boarder has certain points connected – in other words, you don't have to flip any on/off switch when you're down in the lodge sipping on some cocoa all bundled up in front of the fire.

Have a peek at how they fail again, and again, and again with the lights, then have the connection sit in the foot strap, making sure the whole board looks sleek as possible like an Apple product aught to be. This board ends up being as heavy as an anchor and isn't turnable basically in the least, but does end up being fantastically slick for speed. Then the iPad is in there as well and can be controlled by the user while it remains in the board. Facetime works perfectly, mind you, as well. Play some music videos if you get stuck in the tundra.

[via Signal Snowboards]