iPad shakes up Corporate Market says ChangeWave

The folks at ChangeWave have been doing analysis of the corporate world as it interacts with Apple's iPad over the past 12+ months, finding that this newest model slate has the strongest appeal yet for businesses looking to upgrade their employees. Of the 1,604 businesses surveyed by ChangeWave Research, 22% expect to buy tablets for their employees, with 84% of those businesses saying they're planning on purchasing the iPad specifically. This number is up from 77% looking to buy iPads (again inside that selection of businesses that plan on buying tablets) just this past November.

Also according to ChangeWave, the percentage points for every other manufacturer selling a tablet computer went down since this past November. You'll notice the numbers below showing Apple in the undeniably dominant lead over every other manufacturer with Samsung coming in second with a mere 10% in November and 8% in February. You'll also see that each of these companies had their percentage of the business-oriented slate-buying market share go down by at least one percentage point.

Another interesting set of statistics sit in the carriers that businesses plan on going with for their future tablet purchases – notice that there's also a category for "no wireless service" for the wi-fi only models of tablets in the market too. The newest iPad is amongst the tablets now that are available on 4G LTE networks including AT&T and Verizon, this certainly contributing to the fact that both of these providers have the lead in this chart at 30 and 29% of the tablet market. The no wireless service category has nearly the least amount of respondents with just 11% of the market while Sprint, a network with next to no options for connected tablets, sits at the bottom with 4%.

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[via ChangeWave]