iPad mini heist leads to arrest

A couple of days ago, it was reported that $1.9 million worth of iPad minis were stolen from JFK Airport in New York, but the FBI has announced today that they have made an arrest. JFK worker Renel Rene Richardson allegedly assisted in the heist and acted as a lookout with two others loaded pallets of iPad minis onto a semi using forklifts.

The iPad minis were stolen from the Cargo Air Services building on the JFK Airport grounds, which is where Richardson also worked. According to court papers, the FBI was able to arrest Richardson because he allegedly made suspicious inquiries to co-workers about the iPad mini shipment and where forklifts could be found.

Richardson also acted as the lookout while the two other suspects loaded up the pallets in the semi. Sources say that they drove away after another worker confronted the heist team. Detectives found out about Richardson's alleged inquiries about the iPads and the forklifts after talking to Richardson's co-workers.

After the FBI arrested Richardson, he agreed to go along with detectives as they searched Long Island for the truck containing the stolen iPad minis. Since the iPads have not been registered with Find My iPad, it'll be slightly more difficult to track them down. However, as of this morning, dozens of brand new iPad minis showed up for sale on Craigslist on Long Island. The FBI has yet to comment on the situation and whether or not any more arrests have been made.

[via New York Post]