iPad Magic Pinball Accessory Makes Your Tablet A Table

The iPad's sizeable display does make it rather apt for games like pinball, but New Potato Tech are taking things one step further with a custom iPad "Magic Pinball" accessory. Slot in your iPad, run the game (available through the App Store) and rather than tap at the tablet's screen you get proper buttons to hammer away at.

The accessory – or, as the company would have it, "appcessory", a combination of "app" and "accessory" – is a larger version of New Potato Tech's original iPhone pinball table, which did the same thing but on a smaller scale. The Pinball Magic app itself is a free download (though we couldn't find it yet on our iPad) but will require the table in order to function.

Once you've got both, however, you get a tactile-looking plunger for launching the virtual ball, together with various lighting effects. It'll apparently be $79.95 when it goes on sale.

[via Recombu]