iPad limera1n PwnageTool gets video tease

A video showing iTunes restoring an iPad to pre-jailbreak iOS firmware 3.2.2 has been uploaded by iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd, suggesting that the next level in hacking for the Apple slate is fast approaching.  The technique apparently uses Geohot's limera1n exploit cooked into a new version of the Dev Team's PwnageTool; the next step, according to the hackers, is taking on the new Apple TV.

Video demo after the cut

Usually, Apple makes it impossible for users to downgrade their device firmware to anything prior to the most current release, either on upgraded iOS units or on newly-purchased devices that come with the new build out of the box.  This exploit shows how an iPad can be returned to a previous, more hack-friendly version of the software.  Unfortunately there's still no release schedule for the new version of PwnageTool.