iPad iStation turns your tablet into an Apple I

When it's time to get hooked up with the billionth iPad station you've owned in a week, you know you're going to want something unique – and with what MIC Gadgets has up for sale in the iStation, you'll be more than ready to impress your Apple fanboy friends and family with woodgrain exteriors and a fully functional take-out keyboard. What this device is meant to replicate is the look and feel of the original built-it-yourself Apple I, the one you may have seen stuck in a fully wooden chassis in the classic photo you see before you. This new dock connects to your iPad and the wireless keyboard included in the box via Bluetooth – just a few taps and you'll be on your way!

This device works with not only the iPad and the iPad 2, but the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S as well, and though it does have a teaser ad that shows the iPad running the original Apple software, you'll still be able to work with the newest version of iOS. That might be bad news for those of you looking to convert your brand new iPad into the original Apple, but you never know, someone might make it happen soon! This dock is currently in limited quantities, or so says MIC, so get your hands on one right this second!

Then be sure you're prepared to make it all happen by watching this instructional video on how to connect your devices via Bluetooth. It's quite simple when it comes down to it – just a tap here and a flip of the switch there, and don't forget to plug the whole system in to the wall through the back set of ports there, this thing isn't mobile! It is wooden though, so you've got to know that this is the best feature you could hope for in a dock.

The idea here is that you get the feel of the original Apple I (or II, if you prefer) while running with the newest software in the mobile landscape for Apple. We must assume that the mobile and the desktop worlds will continue to converge through the future, and this is another step towards oneness without a doubt.

[via MIC Gadget]