iPad Game for White Tigers Mimics Kitten Mittens Vibe

Chris Burns - Feb 4, 2011
iPad Game for White Tigers Mimics Kitten Mittens Vibe

This is one of those bits of content that I think noone saw coming. This video and explanation for an app just showed up in our mailbox and despite, or perhaps because of it’s utterly unbelievable preview video, it is amazing. The name of the app that the following wacky commercial is about is “Game for Cats.” Sound good so far? No? Sounds kind of weird and for cat people, people who love cats? Do press on.

The following video depicts several wild jungle cats playing a video game app on the Apple iPad. It’s a game specifically for iPad, it’s got a free preview up in iTunes (yet not in the App store?) and you can purchase the full version for $1.99. And now without further ado, the masterpiece ad spot entitled: “‪White Tiger Plays iPad – Game for Cats Gone Wild! Lions, servals, and more!‬”

If you head over to the official Game for Cats homepage, you’ll instantly notice the similarities between it, the video above, and the video below. The video you’re about to see below is from the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Enjoy.

[Via Game for Cats]

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