iPad Air to arrive at US Cellular on November 8

Earlier today, both Bluegrass Cellular and C Spire, a couple of regional carriers, revealed their iPad Air plans in part, confirming that the 4G version of the Apple slate will be available to their subscribers. Joining them is U.S. Cellular, which has announced its own iPad Air events, pegging availability as being early next month.

The carrier will be offering the iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular model starting November 8, which will be available to subscribers online. Users will have access to the carrier's 4G mobile network, as well as various data plan options for one that suits a particular need. Though the carrier didn't specify whether any special pricing options will be available for the slate, the carrier has a few data-only options to go by.

US Cellular offers a 300MB data-only plan for $5 per month, with the next tier jumping to 1GB at $10 monthly. From there it continues to increase, with 2GB costing $20, 4GB costing $30, 8GB at $50, 10GB at $60, 12GB at $70, 14GB at $80, so on and so forth in mostly $10 increments all the way up to 50GB per month, which will run a hefty $335 monthly. All rates exclude a device connection charge.

Neither of the other two carriers that opened up about their plans today offered up pricing confirmation, either, but likewise one can see their present LTE pricing and assume the iPad Air's rates will fall roughly in line with the numbers. Beyond this, the big four carriers have already announced their data plans for the Apple slate, with T-Mobile recently going the free 200MBs of data route.