iPad 2 with High Res Screen, SD Card Slot and iPhone 5 with A5 Processor?

Take a peek at some high probability rumors coming your way via Engadget, a couple about the iPad 2, iPhone 5, and a next generation Apple TV. First there's a few bits having to do with that super mysterious iPad 2 dummy model that was sighted at a booth at CES 2011 – non working, not confirmed as anything legit, but the details here don't seem that far fetched: a "super high resolution" screen similar to that of iPhone 4's Retina Display (hotness.) Then there's the notion of an SD card slot – this one I and we are a little bit less confident in, unless Apple plans on marketing the iPad to be more like the easy-open G3 towers of yore, openable and customizable – almost like a computer that was meant to be modified!

The final couple of details on the iPad two are thus – a screen size that's exactly the same as the current model (likely,) and both front and rear cameras (also likely.) Next there's a cool rumor surrounding Apple's selection of communication chipsets – they're moving to Qualcomm! How likely is that? This move would let Apple work with dual-modes that would allow two carriers (Verizon and ATT for example) to work in the same model phone. iPhone 5 would be able to support both CDMA and GSM – no problem.

Finally there's a double rumor that says the iPhone 5 will both be "completely redesigned" and will be launching this summer. The current Apple A4 processor inside the iPhone is a single-core Cortex A8 processor – this would, if the rumors are true, be upgraded to a Cortext A9-based multicore processor (called then the Apple A5) – and this same processor would then be used in the newest version of Apple TV. A couple (if not several) of these rumors can be substantiated by this iPhone 5 post written by Chris Davies earlier today.

That all sound alright to you?