Apple "A8" processor & Qualcomm baseband for iPhone 5?

With the Verizon iPhone 4 launch under our belt, talk turns to the iPhone 5, Apple's fifth-gen smartphone expected to make its debut midway through 2011. According to Apple Daily, Apple has picked Qualcomm for its baseband chips, while Kinsus will supposedly supply not only the high-pass substrate, but a "new" A8 application processor.

At this stage it's hard to tell exactly what that processor will mean. Although ARM produce the Cortex A8 platform of cores, it could also be an internal Apple name for a dual-core version of the existing Apple A4 chipset that powers the current iPhone 4 and the iPad, potentially pairing two of the A4 cores.

Kinsus is tipped to be shipping the components to Apple later this quarter, ahead of a retail launch of the fifth-gen iPhone in late Q2 or early Q3 2011. Kinsus declined to comment on the report.

[via DigiTimes]