iPad 2 Unlimited Data Plan on AT&T Grandfathered in for iPad 1 Customers

So you're thinking of picking up the iPad 2 on the same network you've got your original iPad on, and you're bumming that you're unable to get that same unlimited data plan – turns out you CAN have that unlimited data plan, just so long as you already have it (and you're on AT&T, of course.) This news is official, straight from AT&T's lips over the phone, and you can bank on it. What does this mean for you if you're planning on rolling with a Wifi-only model? Jack!

This news is obviously just for those hoping to move from their unlimited data plan on AT&T to a brand new AT&T unlimited data plan, both on your iPad, original version to iPad 2. You're golden. This pumps us up immensely since we'd been hearing rumors that everyone would be out of luck, having to pay more once you'd gone over a limited plan – which is a big bummer for those of us who use their tablets every single day – data runs deep!

We had the opportunity to get our hands on the iPad 2 this week at the special Apple event out at their normal Apply haunt – good times had by all. Take a peek at our big giant [iPad 2] portal, or go straight to our iPad 2 Hands-on [with video], an article by Ben Bajarin entitled iPad 2: Another Step Forward for Tablets, or the brand new column by Avi Greengart that addresses Why It's So Hard to Compete with the iPad. Hardcore battle!