iPad 2 to Debut April 2nd or 9th, Rumor Suggests

While the second generation iPad hasn't been announced yet, there's already folks talking about when the tablet device will launch. With as many rumors already swirling around, a release date is something we've been expecting to hear for quite some time now. According to MacNotes.de, the iPad is set to launch either the first or second Saturday in April, the 2nd of 9th respectively. Of note, the original German headline suggests that the 9th is a more likely date than the 2nd.

The report from MacNotes.de is coming from the site's trusted source, and suggests that the second version of the tablet will follow a similar release pattern as the first iPad. It will launch in the United States in April, but the international release will probably be held off until some time in July. Furthermore, the report says that Apple will be handling initial sales themselves, for as long as six months, before the company lets retail partners, like Walmart, get their hands on it.

As for details about the device itself, there's nothing we haven't heard before. The new tablet will supposedly feature a Retina Display, have a USB port, and dual cameras.

[via MacRumors]