iPad 2 StealthArmor Mini Review Application Demo

It is here and now that yours truly takes the time to apply a brand new StealthArmor armored skin to the iPad 2. This is a special cut skin, precision machined as all StealthArmor skins are, to fit the device precisely. Therefore, precise movement and craftsman smooth movements are needed to apply the skin to the iPad 2 correctly. You'll see your humble narrator apply this orange skin twice, one screw up resulting in a tiny misalignment that needed a full start-over. That DOES show you though that the skin is indeed removable – re-applicable to multiple devices if you for some reason have the need, or have a tough time applying in the first place.

These skins are thick, protecting your device from essentially anything, including a key to the face. Included in each package is a front and a back skin, this demo including the back in its entirety, plus the four little nubbins around the corners. What the nubbins consist of is a little extra corner cut off where the skin doesn't quite bend correctly otherwise. You've got to apply each of these extra bits of skin on after your biggest piece is fully applied.

To make these final bits stick correctly, you'll need a bit of heat. To get heat, probably you'll want to grab a blowdryer from your closet and get to blasting. This will have no ill effect on your iPad 2, mind you, it's just a bit of heat. Once you've got your corners on, you're done! Such a simple process, and now you've got a hardcore protective armor on your iPad 2 with no worries for the future!

[vms 8fce1ec2f6dda0a630eb]

A couple of notes: the only thing we don't really like about this whole process is the corners. Applying heat isn't our favorite thing to do in any process, much less something like technology like this where heat is generally a bad sign. That said, we love the strength of the skin, and the ability to take the skin off and re-apply, even after a length of time, that's just fabulous.

You can purchase your very own iPad 2 StealthArmor kit now from Fusion of Ideas. They cost right around $35 now for a limited time, going up to $45 once they're fully available. Currently you'll have to [pre-order]