iPad 2 Rumors Confirmed By Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has long qualified itself as a reliable and respected source for news. So when they confirm some rumors that have been surrounding the iPad 2, we're listening. The WSJ just revealed today several details on the upcoming iPad 2. They say that Apple's new tablet will have a front facing camera to support FaceTime video calling and conferencing and it's expected to have a 0.3 megapixel camera and a back camera close to 1 megapixel.

The iPad 2 will have a faster processor, a more powerful graphics processor, and more memory. The tablet's new design will make it lighter and thinner than its predecessor, but the WSJ does say that the screen resolution will remain the same as the first iPad. The tablet should work with both Verizon and AT&T 3G straight out of the box, but won't support T-Mobile's or Sprint's network.

There was no information about a release date and it was only stated that the iPad 2 is "in production" right now. But other rumors mentioned earlier this week about the iPhone 5 launch suggests that official announcements for the iPad 2 could happen in May.

[Via 9 to 5 Mac]