iOS4 Bluetooth problems reported: patchy connections & shoddy audio?

How's your Bluetooth?  We didn't notice any issues with the Bluetooth performance when we reviewed the iPhone 4, but it looks like others haven't been so lucky.  Multiple complaints (see here, here, here and here) have sprung up in the Apple support forums since the release of iOS4, either for upgraded iPhone 3GS handsets or iPhone 4 units with the latest OS preloaded, with owners describing sporadic connections, an inability to play music wirelessly and poor audio quality during calls.

The issues have arisen with a broad range of third-party devices, including factory-fit ICE systems, aftermarket stereos and headsets from brands including Jawbone and Motorola.  AppleCare is apparently refusing to acknowledge the problem and, since there's no official method to downgrade an iPhone 3GS to iOS3.x once it has been updated to iOS4, owners are left with no fix in sight.  As we say, we've not seen the issue ourselves; if you're having problems with your iOS4 device's Bluetooth, let us know in the comments.

[via Apple Insider]