iOS push email returns to Germany

For the last year a half Apple users in Germany have been unable to get push e-mail on their iOS devices. Apple was forced to discontinue push e-mail services in Germany back in early 2012 after Motorola won a patent infringement suit in German courts. Apple recently confirmed that it was now offering push e-mail services again for German users.

Push e-mail service allows an e-mail server to push e-mail from the server to a device such as the iPhone or iPad allowing the mail show up instantly. Since push capability was eliminated in Germany, Apple device users have only been able to utilize pull e-mail service on their devices. Pull e-mail service is when the device requests e-mail from the server at a specific interval.

In February 2012, a German court ruled that the push e-mail technology used infringed on patents held by Motorola. Motorola was granted an injunction and opted to enforce the injunction against Apple. Apple appealed that decision and the court upheld it a few months after the original verdict was handed down.

Apple has continued to appeal the original decision and about month ago, Apple was granted an interim decision to allow it to resume normal push e-mail service. Apple did have to put up a $135 million bond to get its push service flowing again.

SOURCE: Gigaom