iOS messages bug also affecting Twitter, Snapchat apps

That recently discovered iOS text messaging bug that may be wreaking havoc on your iPhone (it probably isn't) is also able to crash apps and reboot your phone via the Twitter and Snapchat apps. When an iOS device receives a text message with the string of characters seen above — a mix of Arabic, Marathi, and Chinese — it causes the Messages app to crash and sometimes causes your device to reboot. There's no permanent damage done, and Apple has already outlined a temporary fix, but it's now become apparent the bug can be triggered by other apps.

On the official Twitter app, if a user receives that same string of text in either a direct message or public mention, and has notifications turned on, it will crash the app and force an iPhone to reboot. (If notification aren't turned on, then it shouldn't be a problem.)

The Snapchat app can also fall victim to the bug. If the user receives a text chat with the booby-trapped characters, it force the app to crash when they try to read the message. It only happens if a user tries to open the chat history with the specific person who sent the text. If that conversation is not opened, the app should continue to work as usual, but it also means that message cannot be cleared, as it would require opening.

To be clear, this bug does no permanent damage to an iOS device. The default Messages app can be restored using the method Apple has outlined, and the Twitter and Snapchat apps should continue to work after a reboot. Most users being affected by this bug are simply falling victims to pranks from friends or strangers.

In Apple's acknowledgement of the bug yesterday, they also stated the issue would be permanently fixed in an upcoming software update, however no timeframe was mentioned.

SOURCE The Guardian