iOS issue causes links to crash, fix incoming

Apple will issue an update to the latest release of iOS as complaints from users suggest an issue with web links. Reports have appeared from users working with devices from the iPhone 5 all the way through the iPad Air 2. Other devices that appear to be affected are the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, and the iPad mini. Thus far it does not appear that either iPad Pro or iPhone SE has been affected as such.

You'll see the problem demonstrated in the video below. In this video, an iPhone 6s shows how a link in Safari creates a crash situation in iOS 9.3. Thus far it would appear that iOS 9.3 is the only version that creates this crash situation.

Users that would like a temporary fix to this problem should – or could, rather – go through the following steps to turn off JavaScript on the web.

1. Settings

2. Safari

3. Advanced

4. JavaScript (turn off)

This will stop all – or most of – the crashing, for now, but will end up showing you some broken bits and pieces across the web – everything that would otherwise be using JavaScript. If this is OK with you, go for it – otherwise you'd be better of waiting for the next iOS update fix.

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According to Apple Support, "Apple is aware that there is an issue with Safari becoming unresponsive." The team are "aware of the complaint" and are going to "resolve the issue as quickly as possible."

According to developers speaking with TechCrunch, issues appear to exist in the software's universal linking framework, so the fix will have to come from Apple directly.

Hold tight! Fix will be here soon, we hope!

Until then maybe just... don't click any links. Anywhere. Drop in on Apple Discussions if you'd like to make your issue known with Apple.